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Want to invest your money.
But, don’t know where to start?

Join TradeGyani, the fast-growing community of investors & traders. Track live market. Buy & Sell Stocks. Monitor your portfolio and much more, click on the video to learn more!


Meet The Gyani's

Learn and earn with expert investors, or as we call them, Gyani's. Make informed investment decisions by replicating Gyani’s personal investment strategies that match your financial goals.


Build your own
trusted investment network

Build your own investment club of trusted peers: add friends, follow investors and share insights to relish the true power of collective wisdom!

Trending Stocks

Discover trending
stocks & portfolios

Our unique algorithm will help you find trending stocks, social sentiment of the stocks and popular Gyani portfolios that match your goals!

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#Trade Gyani

Bring it all together

Keep a track of all your investments at one place. Get real-time updates on all the stocks in your portfolio – latest news, events and price movements.

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Be a Gyani

Be a Gyani on TradeGyani

Help traders in making sound investment decisions by sharing your knowledge and your investment portfolio’s.


Follower Base

Garner a large follower base -
Get name & fame!


Second Income

Build and share your portfolio to add a second income on your own investment.

Marketing Tool

Marketing Tool

Use your TradeGyani profile as a marketing tool to get new clients.

Monitor Portfolio

Monitor and Manage

Monitor and manage your and your clients’ portfolio at one place.

#Trade Gyani

Wealth Creation Expertise – of the people, for the people, by the people!

Leverage your social connection and our expert network to make informed investment decisions.

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