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    General Queries

    What is TradeGyani?

    TradeGyani is India's first networking community that gives you access to expert advisory network and allows you to leverage your social connection’s knowledge and market insights to make informed investment decision. At TradeGyani you can follow any investor you like, whether a friend or Gyani you want to track and learn from. In exchange, any other TradeGyani users can follow your activities as well, so you too can gain a loyal following.

    I am new to investing money in the market. How can I learn without risking my money?

    No worries, we got you covered. You can use TradeGyani virtual account – you get Rs 5 lakh in virtual money to learn the tricks of the trade. When you feel you are ready, you can open a trading account with Upstox or Zerodha ( leading discount brokerage firms) account and start making real money.

    What`s the best way to get started?

    Follow these 5 simple steps to get going: Set up your free account in seconds, and help’s available if you should ever need it, write us at Build your investment network – add friends, Gyani’s and exchange investment ideas to relish the true power of collective wisdom! See what Gyani’s are investing in real time. Co-invest in Gyani portfolios that matches your financial goals! Link your Upstox or Zerodha brokerage account, if you don’t have one click here Upstox or Zerodha to open one.

    What is a portfolio?

    Like for an artist, a sample of his work – photographs, paintings etc are his portfolio. Similarly, in the world of finance it’s a collection of assets (stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc) held by you

    What's the best way to choose a Gyani portfolio to invest?

    You first need to decide what is your financial goal & how much money you can invest? When do you need that money back (holding period)? What is your return expectation? Please be mindful that investing in stocks has its own risk associated with it. Once you have to follow three simple steps: View all the personal portfolio is shared by the Gyani's (currently its free for all) Go through your investment rationale, understand what is the holding period and the upside (expected return) Choose what matches your financial goals and invest alongside the best minds in the field

    How do I use hashtag feature?

    Hashtag feature can only be used for conversations related to a listed company. You simply have to key in hastag and the company ticker to start a conversation.


    Who are Gyani’s?

    All the Gyani’s are either registered investment advisor approved by SEBI or smart investors with a proven track record. Every Gyani is carefully screened by the TradeGyani team before tagging them as Gyani.

    How can I become Gyani?

    If you are registered Investment advisor, or portfolio manager or an investor with proven track record, then you can write to us and our team will get in touch with you.

    How and when Gyani’s rebalance portfolios?

    Over time, the value of individual stocks in a diversified portfolio moves up and down, drifting away from their target weights. Gyani’s closely monitor their portfolios and use rebalancing mechanism to close and open positions, to keep the asset allocation ratio, and maintain the portfolio strategy. As a TradeGyani premium subscriber, you will get real-time updates from the Gyani’s on any changes!


    What are the charges?

    TradeGyani basic account is free, with your free account you can place trades using your virtual account or real account, exchange investing ideas with your friends and fellow investors. Monitor your portfolio daily performance.

    What is a premium plan?

    Premium plans gives you access to view and follow Gyani’s portfolio, monitor your historical performance, get real-time rebalancing updates and allows you to chat one-one with Gyani’s. Currently, all the premium features are free for our customers for a month. We will update this section with plan details shortly.

    Company Information

    Is the company information covered for stocks listed both on NSE and BSE?

    Company information is only for stocks listed on BSE, which includes pricing data, key financials and company description. The information is provided by C-MOTS INFOTECH –ISO Certified 9001:2015. Please note that most of the companies listed on NSE are listed in BSE as well.

    Is the pricing data real-time?

    The pricing data is provided by C-MOTS and is delayed by 5 minutes.

    Can I place trades using my brokerage account ?

    You will have an option, but are under no obligation to execute your trades using single iframe window from your own trading account – in simple words you can link your brokerage account with us. At the moment, we can only link an Upstox & Zerodha brokerage account. We will let you know as soon as we add other brokerage firms.

    Is TradeGyani a brokerage firm?

    TradeGyani does not execute trading orders of buying and selling and is not registered as a stock broker with the Securities and Exchange Board of India and the stock exchanges.

    Is there a minimum investment amount?


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